Powerful Islamic dua for love


Dua's power is very wonderful even if it is sought in some way by the mother's dua is the love of true love, in the same way Allah is the doer. It is said for Allah that every trouble in life should be eliminated. Lost love can be called back to get rid of sautan. Any kind of problem in your life goes away from the dua. Islamic du'a man is very happy in life. Because the doubles are done with the true heart, if a person has a true heart and is trusted with his true mind, Islamic du'a is done with Allah, then all the misery that comes into your life is eliminated, every kind of The sadness goes towards ending with Allah, Sometimes a lot of trouble arises in the family that it ends up completely but you are not permitted by our maulana ji for Islamic O Allah, one day Allah will make no problem in your life. Your life will be happy happily. Dua is the most powerful in the world. There is no power in anybody equal to the person. Dua is a penance of the true heart, due to which you are in the world You can win every battle; You can eliminate a big enemy from just one person; Dua has so much power.