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Istikhara generally means to ask for support and guidance from Allah Subhan Wa Taalah. It is the removal of doubts and confusion, be it any matter. If you have to make a big decision, you can ask for the help and permission of Allah, the All-knowing with the help of Ishtikhara. It requires complete faith in the Almighty.

How Istikhara is Performed?

•       You have to recite two raakat Nafl Salah with Ishtikharah neeyat. In the first raakat, recite Surah Al-Qafiroon after Surah Fatiha and in the second raakat, you have to read Surah Ikhlas.
•       It will be performed like a normal Salah and after it, recite Ishtikhara dua in Arabic.
•       You can perform it any time, but the best time it to read it at night before sleeping.

How Istikhara is Beneficial for Us?

The benefits of Isrikhara are listed below for you –
•       It provides you with transparencies in complicated matters
•       It brings you closer to Allah, as you get the Almighty support in your problems
•       Allah admires istikhara and listens to your requests.