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Taweez in practical sense is a piece of paper on which the words of Quran or a prayer is written. It can be considered as a locket which contains Quraan verses or the Blessings of Almighty, in it.

How Taweez is Made?

You need to discuss this with a Molvi that why exactly you need a taweez. Then, for your specific problem or concern, he shall write down the most effective dua and then give it to you, in the form of a locket, to wear it around your neck or tie it around your arms.

How Taweez is Beneficial for Us?

The benefits of wearing or keeping a taweez near you are –
•       It protects you from the unwanted and evil problems;
•       It has great healing powers for a sick man;
•       It helps you in getting rid of negativity & spreads positivity;
•       It protects you from black magic, supernatural being, evil eyes, jealousy and bad luck;
•       It also helps you in fulfilling your desires.