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Totke is basically a method or a procedure which has been well tested by experts of this field and has been in use for centuries. The Molvis and muftis have complete knowledge of solutions that can help you in getting rid of specific problems. Such solutions or totke have been in practice from hundreds of years and have helped millions of people, so far.

How Totke are Performed?

Since, a totka is a solution that has been performed from ages therefore; you need to take the help of Molvi Sahib to get the correct procedure. These are problem specific solutions therefore every totka is unique in its own way. There are certain things that you may need to do in for all totke, such as –
•       Offer salah 5 times in a day
•       Recite Quraan daily
•       Avoid back biting, alcohol, dishonesty and zina.

How Totke are Beneficial for Us?

Since, totke are problem precific solutions they can help you in getting rid of a trouble, instantly. These are created with the knowledge of Quraan and Hadith, therefore, you can completely trust them. If you are not able to solve a problem, in spite of trying hard for it every day, then these toke will insha Allah help you, in getting what you really want. It fulfills your wishes in a halal way.