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Wazifa is Arabic word which means – “to employ”. It is a common practice in which you have to recite some phrases or verses to seek rewards and favor for specific purpose.

How Wazifa is performed?

• The wazifa must be correct and in accordance to the Shariah.
• Always read the provided wazifa with correct pronunciations.
• Every day, 5 times prayers or salah is obligatory for a wazifa to show its benefits.
• You must make wazu before starting a wazifa and body & clothes have to be clean. Dress up in the sunnat way. Use ittar & avoid alcoholic perfumes.
• Read the wazifa alone in a clean room, as you cannot talk to someone in words and gestures while performing a wazifa.
These are certain things that you have to follow for all types of wazifa, you may practice.

How Wazifa is Beneficial for Us?

Wazifa invokes divine quality and shows you the best way to achieve your aims. The practice is taken from the Quran and the power of the words help you in achieving specific desires. There are several benefits of wazifa listed below for you –
• It brings you closer to Allah SWT;
• It protects you from performing evil acts and thereby protects you from the fire of hell;
• According to a Hadith, any wazifa performed with sincerity and innocence will never be denied;
• It fulfills your wishes or hajjats.